11 Nov 2014
26 Oct 2014
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Why I’m not voting in the mid-term elections

First of all, let’s get this out of the way.

“Oh no, another apathetic American voter, boo hoo.”

“You know, both parties are just as bad as each other so what’s the point?”

“It’s your right to vote, you want to just throw that away?”

All right, deep breath. We good? So, I’m not voting in the mid-term elections and I’m fine with that. The short reason is I’m tired of being threatened.

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26 Sep 2014

1000 Days of Sobriety

I gave up alcohol forever on December 31st, 2011. I chose this date mostly because I felt it would be easy for me to keep track of. Also my personal rock bottom moment came only a week or so before. Let’s just say, it wasn’t my finest moment. Even now the memory is painful when I look back on that time, force myself to remember the scraps that remain after such a long time. Not that there were many to begin with, the booze having done plenty to block out that night from the start. Now it’s been about two years and nine months since I last took a drink on purpose.

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20 May 2014

TIP Presents: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

There’s a saying that goes something like, “A convincing parody can often be indistinguishable from true extremism.” Usually it refers to something terrible, like people making fun of conservatives nut-jobs but having everyone miss the joke. The closing show of the Tokyo International Player’s season is a loving rendition of a parody of a particularly British style of “dinner-theatre” corn-ball and all. At least it seems that way to me. Like I said, it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes.

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16 May 2014

Life 3.0 Upgrade

It looks like I’ve managed to fall off the regular blog update train again. I suppose I could blame the flurry of activity surrounding my life at the moment. I’ve been undergoing something of an upgrade in my life, hence the title. I’m still not certain I’ve done anything to deserve it but I am generally pleased with the changes as they currently stand. Though I suppose it’s hard for me to not find comfort in the purchase of material things, I am American after all. Still, I find myself with fewer things to complain about which makes my continued grumpiness harder and harder to justify.

I’ve included the patch notes below for John 3.0 though by all rights I should be at version 3.1 by now. Still being only a year behind is the same as being ahead of the game for me.

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11 Apr 2014