Blendy Stick: Ginger Milk Tea

Ahh it’s been quite awhile since I sat down to review a steaming cup of 25 cent tea. Delightful.

Well, it’s nothing to write home about really. Barely worth putting on the web to be honest. But I added a light box for product shooting to my photography kit so it’s good to have an excuse to take some snazzy pictures. Onward to the review then, please forgive me if there’s any dust on my review skills. They’re a little rusty.

Price: ♦♦♦

It’s always best to start with the good news in my opinion. Eight sticks to a box makes eight cups of ginger tea. One box cost about ¥158 (on special) so about ~¥20 per cup. And at current exchange rates that comes out to…about 25¢. Not much in this day and age that you can get for a quarter. Can’t buy a stamp or make a call from a pay phone for that price anymore. Back in my day…! Well, my days aren’t so back yet but I guess you could get half a comic book for a quarter. That’s probably about the best you could hope for. Of course the price of the whole box back in my day might get you two gallons of gas with a few coins to rub together afterward as well. Can’t do that, no sir. *grumble mumble*

Flavor: ♦♦

I’ve certainly tasted worse flavored drinks to come from a tube of powder. A certain strawberry flavored concoction comes to mind.  Ugh…Anyway they certainly don’t lie on the box, this stuff tastes like ginger. Well mildly so that is. The milk taste on the other hand? Very light if mostly non-existant. Though I suppose that “Ginger water” doesn’t move product as well as “au lait”. Again I’ve tasted worse and the ginger flavor is unique and distinct. Though compared to some of the company’s other offerings it falls a little flat.


Color: 1/2♦

Yeah, take a look at this stuff.

Looks pretty bland despite my awesome lighting skills doesn’t it? Reminds me of a shallow mud puddle. If you stir up a mud puddle, however, it’s likely to bring forth some interesting clouds of dirt hiding beneath the surface. This stuff pretty much stays the same through and through. I’m sure someone had the job of making sure the color of the finished product was appealing to the consumer, and while I’m not saying whoever it was is terrible at their job, this color does not appeal. To say the least…

Overall: ♦♦

The ginger flavor is what interested me in plucking this flavor off the shelf and it certainly was a different, and not unpleasant experience. Though by the time the cup begins to cool the flavor’s appeal tends to as well. So unless you want to boil the water (not recommended nor needed with instant) and can handle drinking it at that temperature you’re not going to enjoy it by the end. Unless you like lukewarm gingery water. Then this is right up your alley. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth as well. Though I expect I’ll find it hard to finish the box.

Final Verdict: Would not buy again